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Sticky Sudoku Mahabharat - 2018
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Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2018 @ 2018-01-15 10:04 PM (#24034 - in reply to #24033) (#24034) Top

Converse & Twisted Classics (SM 18) Author

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KarnKingKong - 2018-01-15 8:55 PM

can someone please explain me how to solve linked sudoku along with an example and its solution.

In linked classic sudoku, normally there are two classic sudokus with same number of shaded cells. You have to solve both the sudokus as normal classic sudokus keeping in mind that the shaded cells of both the sudokus will have same digits. So if in one of the sudokus you get a number , say 9 , in one of the shaded cells , you can put 9 in the same shaded cell in the other sudoku. This is how you solve linked classic
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2018 @ 2018-01-16 12:35 PM (#24040 - in reply to #24032) (#24040) Top

Location: India
Administrator - 2018-01-15 8:36 PM

ViP - 2018-01-15 8:33 PM

...Why in Results table, the Country column shows as *Unknown* ?
I don't understand what is wrong. I am the only one that has this column with *Unknown*.
And in Control Panel I wrote Cuba in Country field.

Thanks for your attention.
Best regards,
Victoria I. PĂ©rez

We are looking into this issue.

This is resolved now.
Subject: Re: Sudoku Mahabharat - 2018 @ 2018-01-29 1:18 PM (#24148 - in reply to #24040) (#24148) Top

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Location: usa
ViP; i like how you stood up for your country... welcome from a usa member. i'm pretty new also, not an expert like many here, (in usa some people look at me weird for enjoying sudoku and puzzle) Have fun and good luck here.. also great job to the people at Logic Masters for always addressing all issues, amazing people, i envy the mentoring program you are offering tp your players, that is what it is all about... well, that's my vote for tonight from southern cal, mikeylyk out..
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