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Media Coverage

In order to compete in the championships, individuals should contact their national member to the World Puzzle Federation (WPF), as listed on the WPF Member's Page. Each member country is obliged to conduct open, national qualifying tournaments. If a country is not listed, please get in touch with us.


One can participate in the championship as competitor (A/B team), captain, member of team delegation (WPF delegate or guest) or organiser. A team consists of 4 members. Only WPF members can compete at the championship. There are no restrictions on who can register as a non-competing guest. Guests will be able to observe the championships in progress, and take part in all meals and activities alongside the competitors.

Team Structure

In both of the championships, each country is permitted to register up to 4 official (A) and 4 unofficial (B) competitors. The organizers are working on the availability of additional number of non-competing guests and will update this later.

Unofficial competitors will not be listed in the official results and will not be eligible for official awards and prizes, nor for taking part in the play-offs. However, they can compete in the Under 18, Over 50 and Newcomer category officially.

Each team must consist of 4 competitors. The official competitors of each country will form an official A-team. If there are less than 4 official competitors representing one country, they will be listed as official participants but only full A-teams will be listed in the official team results. All the competitors who are not part of A or B team, will be merged into United Nations (UN) teams with competitors from other countries. Only A-teams will be eligible for official team awards but all the teams will be eligible for additional unofficial prizes.

Participation Costs

The participation costs are in INR as given below.

Event Single Occupancy Double Occupancy Triple Occupancy
WSC 39000 25000 19000
WPC 48000 31000 24000
WSC + WPC 69000 42000 34000

  • We want to encourage participants to register early. So we have the following structure for payment of participation fees.
    • The costs above will be applicable till 15th August 2017. These have already been incrase by 5% over the participation fees which were available till 30th June
    • From 16th August, the participation costs will increase by about 5% and will be applicable till 15th October.
  • Guests will be charged an additional 20% over the standard charges for the participants.
  • Please note that all payment costs charged for direct bank transfer must be paid by the sender.
These costs cover the following:

* Transfer between airport and hotel
* Accommodation
* Meals and coffee
* WiFi
* All competition material
* Sightseeing tour
* Prizes and awards


Depending on the number of registrations and the availability, some participants may be accommodated in nearby hotels. More information on this will be provided later.
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PeerawitTanapiched (Thailand)
Sirawit Pulketkij (Thailand)
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