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Subject: Re: Kakuro Kart - 20th June to 10th July @ 2022-06-16 9:16 AM (#30753 - in reply to #30745) (#30753)Quote Reply Top

Location: India

Penpa Interface - Shortcuts

Please note the following shortcuts in Penpa Interface in Sudoku Mode

Z : Normal Submode
X : Corner Submode
C : Centre Submode
V : Shading (Surface Mode)
SHIFT : For Temporary Corner Submode
SHIFT _PLUS_ DEL : Deletes only corner pencil marks from the selected cells
CTRL : For Temporary Centre Submode / Selecting Multiple Cells/ Deselecting selected cells
CTRL _PLUS_ DEL : Deletes only centre pencil marks from the selected cells
DEL : To delete all the contents of the cell
Drag the mouse pressing left click / drag your finger holding down on Mobile or Ipad for multiple cell selection
Border: ON - will allow you to write digits on the edges