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Subject: Re: Nurimisaki Nomad - 17th September to 7th October @ 2022-09-28 6:10 AM (#30887 - in reply to #30886) (#30887)Quote Reply Top

Location: India
Puzlifouk - 2022-09-27 8:51 AM

Hello everyone,
I really enjoy these puzzles, but I am very slow :( I only get by on the EarlyBirds leaderboard...
However, on the Nurimisaki 9, I don't understand what happened: I made two failed validation attempts before I got an accepted validation, after 34.51 minutes!
Problem: I always validated the same solution, just the first two times I still had blue instead of green, and a light grey instead of black. More surprisingly, I don't get any penalties! But then I should have a lower time, corresponding to my first validation, right?
Well, the stakes are not huge: it won't change the general ranking...
There is only one entry in the backend database, so we are not sure how this one happened. Do you have screenshots of error message after you submitted? Don't think it is possible to analyze further without them.