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Subject: Re: Classic Tapa Contest — 11th Feb to 31st March @ 2012-03-20 1:38 PM (#6982 - in reply to #6970) (#6982)Quote Reply Top

Location: India
MellowMelon - 2012-03-20 2:05 AM

Re Prasanna: I'm coming late to the party and assuming that Tablesaw's comment means the server's solution treated R8C8 as a 5, but actually the puzzle as presented (with a 6) is the only one that's unique. With a 5 there, many other solutions exist. That is a pretty nice puzzle too.
Yeah, the problem was the recorded solution was wrong. The puzzle itself was valid.
We could have fixed the recorded solution, but by that time 2 players (Psyho and wielki_m) had submitted the wrong solution, which the system flagged as right and (possibly) had left the scene.

Para - 2012-03-20 1:27 PM
Will there be a 50th puzzle added at the end or will the competition last for 49 puzzles now?
We will most likely have 50 puzzles, so the last one appearing on 1st April. But I need to get it confirmed from Serkan. So a concrete answer is pending.

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