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Yajilin Yacht - 28th July to 17th August
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Subject: Re: Yajilin Yacht - 28th July to 17th August @ 2022-08-01 9:16 PM (#30821 - in reply to #30818) (#30821)Quote Reply Top

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Administrator - 2022-07-31 3:03 AM
We have to (temporarily) revert to the original color scheme. For reasons we still have not analyzed fully, the ratings are captured incorrectly because of this color change. We missed to test this while putting in the change. We have cleared all ratings received after this bug was introduced.
We have put in the changes to use same color scheme in both places.
Subject: Re: Yajilin Yacht - 28th July to 17th August @ 2022-08-15 4:48 AM (#30832 - in reply to #30807) (#30832)Quote Reply Top

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Will there be any way to see solutions to any of these after the competition is over? I seem to have hit my wall with #13, 14, and maybe 15 and really really want to see the solution to Yajilin #13 at some point. Thanks in advance for considering this question.
Subject: Re: Yajilin Yacht - 28th July to 17th August @ 2022-08-17 8:26 AM (#30836 - in reply to #30807) (#30836)Quote Reply Top

Typed Logic Author

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Thanks everyone for participating in Yajilin Yacht! It's been a lot of fun these past few weeks watching replays and talking about these puzzles with solvers. It was great to see some new and unfamiliar names in the leaderboards. Congratulations to Walker Anderson for taking first place and becoming the first repeat daily contest winner, Freddie Hand for yet another commanding second place, and Thomas Luo for cracking the top 3! I hope that these puzzles were enjoyable and somewhat instructive for solvers of all skill levels.
If you're wondering how I intended these puzzles to be solved, I've prepared a playlist with a solution video for all 21 puzzles (5 trials, 16 contest puzzles) that can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8RPcJPqpvOgGunGBxUxWoOZIyIpt...
There's even a few bonus puzzles in there too.
Additionally, I'll be posting these puzzles to my blog in the coming weeks with some additional designer comments - feel free to check those out if you're interested.
Until next time, thanks for participating everyone!

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