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Participation costs, guests and limits
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Subject: Participation costs, guests and limits @ 2017-04-16 10:04 PM (#22826) (#22826) Top

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As there are some limits about the number of participants I have few questions, which can help for some people to organize their teams (maybe).
I just put the questions and maybe something useful can come out from this.

1. Is it true, that in each country there can be 4 official solvers, 4 unofficial solvers and unlimited number of guests?

2. Can a guest take part in WSC as unofficial solver without a team?

3. Can some country send 9 solvers to the competition and make an A-team, B-team and one person for some UN-team?

4. If someone is a team-member in WSC and guest in WPC, is the cost of WPC 20% more expensive for this person?

Thank you for the answers in advance!
Tiit Vunk
Subject: Re: Participation costs, guests and limits @ 2017-04-20 5:12 AM (#22850 - in reply to #22826) (#22850) Top

2021 World Sudoku+Puzzle Convention Organizer

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Hi Tiit,

These are all very good questions so thank you for bringing them up. I hope you have seen the conclusion of our Participation Limit poll, which is relevant to this topic and may provide some background. If not, you can see it here. The answers to your questions are as follows:
1. Yes, as long as there is an availability of rooms we will not impose any restrictions on number of guests. We may impose restrictions at a later date if the room occupancy dictates it.

2. Yes, as long as the hall capacity is not fully met by the participants.

3. Yes, assuming the 9th person is accommodated within point 2 above, the person is eligible to participate in team rounds as part of a UN team.

4. If the person participates as a solver in WPC (even as a guest), the person will be considered on the whole as a 'participant', and the regular participant fees will apply throughout. If the person stays at the venue but does not participate in WPC, the person will be considered as a 'guest' for WPC and will need to pay the higher guest rate. Of course, the same applies for someone who is a guest in WSC and solver in WPC.

I hope this clarifies your queries. Feel free to discuss further or check back with further queries.
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