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Media Coverage

The World Sudoku & Puzzle Championships
The World Puzzle Championship (WPC) and World Sudoku Championship (WSC) are held annually.

The first WPC was held in 1992 in New York, USA, organized by Will Shortz and Games magazine, with 52 puzzle enthusiasts from 13 countries competing for the title of 1st World Puzzle Champion.

Although sudoku was, and still is, just one type of puzzle within the WPC, its significant global popularity led to the first separate WSC being held in 2006 in Lucca, Italy.

Together, the WPC and WSC, which are overseen by the World Puzzle Federation (WPF) have naturally grown in popularity, with nearly 200 competitors from over 25 countries now regularly attending each year. In some countries, there are hundreds of serious puzzlers contending for the four main team places, with mainstream media providing extensive exposure to these events.

About Logic Masters India
In 2008, after the WSC in Goa, some passionate Indian solvers decided to start Logic Masters India, now popularly known as LMI. Initially, LMI focused on conducting regular Mock Tests to encourage enthusiasts and having an annual National Championship. Gradually it became much more, with regular top quality themed Monthly Tests from talented authors both from India and the rest of the world.

With great contributions from the Puzzle Community and an able Technical Team, Logic Masters India has been the pioneer in online Puzzle and Sudoku contests since 2010. With about 7000 members, LMI is considered as one of the best websites for logical puzzle solving. LMI is constantly evolving, more recently introducing well structured beginner friendly competitions like Sudoku Mahabharat and Puzzle Ramayan to spread the interest and search and develop the talent pool of solvers more and more.

Stats and Facts
  • Ulrich Voigt of Germany has been the most prolific performer at the World Puzzle Championships, with an amazing 11 world titles to his name.
  • Ulrich is also the current World Puzzle Champion, winning the title in 2016 in Senec, Slovakia.
  • The USA have won the most team titles at the WPC, with a tally of 14 gold medals.
  • Team Germany are the current World Champions, winning the team title in 2016 in Senec, Slovakia.
  • In the World Sudoku Championship, Thomas Snyder of the USA and Jan Mrozowski of Poland share the record for most titles with 3 each.
  • The current World Sudoku Champion is Tiit Vunk of Estonia, who won the title in 2016 in Senec, Slovakia.
  • Japan have won the most team titles at the WSC, with a total tally of 4.
  • Team Czech Republic triumphed over Team Japan in 2016 and are the current WSC Team Champions.
  • The World Puzzle Championship has been held the most times in Hungary and in Croatia, with three each.
  • The World Sudoku Championship has been held the most times in Slovakia, with the country hosting it twice. India will equal this tally with WSPC 2017.
  • The WSC and WPC were scheduled separately with WSC happening in the first half of the year and WPC happening in the second half of the year. In 2011, for the first time, the two events were joined and held in the same week in Eger, Hungary, and they have been held in the same week ever since then.
  • Though India has already hosted a WSC, this will be the first time that the country hosts a WPC.
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