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Poll Participation limit at WSPC
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A discussion on Participation limit at WSPC
Please share your opinion and thoughts about participation limit at WSPC
There should be no restriction unless the venue restrictions dictates it52 Votes - [71.23%]
A and B teams should be allowed19 Votes - [26.03%]
Only A Team should be allowed2 Votes - [2.74%]

Subject: Participation limit at WSPC @ 2016-12-26 12:17 PM (#22273) (#22273) Top

Location: India

A discussion on the possibility of limiting participation from each country.

Originally, the WSC and WPC only accommodated A teams. Then, to facilitate a growing interest and enable newcomers to get exposure, the Championships expanded to having B teams. Over the last few years this has been pushed further and there have been C, D and even E teams present at the World Championships. We, the organizers of WSC WPC 2017, would like to get an idea of the audience opinion regarding the number of teams that should be allowed per country.

The WSC & WPC's goal should partly be to provide a competition for the experts in order to determine the best competitors of the world. This means there should probably be some level of exclusivity to the experience, especially with there being a Sudoku GP and a Puzzle GP with goals of reaching out to the general public. At the same time, in the current scenario, it is very conducive to growth if we allow some newer solvers to have a chance at the top competition so that they get interested and tap into their potential. Considering both these things, it is probably best to have one A team with the country's best solvers, and one B team with newcomers and talented upstarts that the country wants to give the exposure to.

Subject: Participation limit at WSPC @ 2016-12-26 12:19 PM (#22274 - in reply to #22273) (#22274) Top

Location: India

Poll closes on 28th Feb 2017

This poll closes on 28th Feb 2017. Based on the results of this poll, the organizers will decide about restrictions on number of participants per country. Please note that only LMI members can vote, so register/login here in order to do so.

Subject: RE: Participation limit at WSPC @ 2017-01-03 12:28 PM (#22300 - in reply to #22273) (#22300) Top

Posts: 22
Location: India
I support there being upto four teams to compete, an A, B, C and D.
Subject: Re: Participation limit at WSPC @ 2017-01-04 9:39 AM (#22304 - in reply to #22273) (#22304) Top

Posts: 187
Location: New Zealand
Each country has their A team of 'experts', after that I want to encourage anybody that enjoys puzzles and can travel to Bangalore to come (up to the venue's maximum).
Does it even matter what country they are from? I suppose they need to be assigned to a team for team rounds.
Subject: RE: Participation limit at WSPC @ 2017-01-12 4:02 PM (#22333 - in reply to #22273) (#22333) Top

Everyone who wants to participate may join to the event in my opinion. No limitation should be done
Subject: Re: Participation limit at WSPC @ 2017-01-14 8:12 AM (#22341 - in reply to #22273) (#22341) Top

Posts: 10

Location: Canada
I voted for the limit to be dictated by venue restrictions largely because it's a greater feeling of accomplishment when you are able to beat more people :)
Subject: Re: Participation limit at WSPC @ 2017-01-24 10:13 PM (#22367 - in reply to #22273) (#22367) Top

Posts: 172
Location: ITALY
I fully understand the point of view of the organizers, wanting to maximize the number of participants, but I believe a limit should be set. This is a world championship and if we want increase its profile we need to make sure that at least we give the impression that only the best in the world can play and there is a selection process in place.

We may decide to set a relatively high limit (e.g. 3 teams per country, or 10 players) but we must not give the impression that one can wake up in the morning, look at what is the program of the TV, and as there is nothing interesting, have a go at the WSC. It's not serious. We can't hope to be credible and to attract sponsors with such a low key approach.

On a different subject. Any country can only have 4 players officially classified in the overall championship, but there is no limit with reference to the age groups, O50 and U18, The consequence has been that this year there has been a playoff with 5 players from the same country. I do not think this is fair. Nothing personal against that country, but I believe that a limit (3 players? 4?) should be set also with reference to the number of players participating officially to the age groups championships, to give players from other countries the possibility to dispute a playoff.
Subject: Re: Participation limit at WSPC @ 2017-01-27 3:12 PM (#22384 - in reply to #22273) (#22384) Top

PR 2020 (MII and Regions) Author

Posts: 49
Location: India
Hi everyone,

I voted for no restrictions.

Thanks you.
Subject: Re: Participation limit at WSPC @ 2017-02-05 4:27 PM (#22448 - in reply to #22273) (#22448) Top

Posts: 12

Location: France
Hi ,
I am not for a restriction. The number of participants does not call into question the quality of the contents of the tests.
For an occasional player :
- to take part at least once can be a beautiful experiment which could not have existed with restrictions
- will not come to disturb the ranking of the best players.
To find sponsors, to make come the press for this event, it is mainly and nevertheless the role of the WPF to make known the championships, it seems that for Senec the topic "Press Kit" is empty, while waiting for that this day arrives or that the sponsors impose their conditions for coming , maintain the rate of participation "without restrictions" is already not so badly .
Subject: Re: Participation limit at WSPC @ 2017-03-01 3:37 PM (#22610 - in reply to #22273) (#22610) Top

2021 World Sudoku+Puzzle Convention Organizer

Posts: 1800
Location: India

Poll closed

Thank you to everyone for voting and providing input on this topic. We will discuss the polling results and comments, factor that in to our decision and announce it on 31st March. In the meantime, please look at our other ongoing interactive initiative, the Puzzle Innovations Contest. We will have announcements of more interactive contests and discussions soon, so check back regularly.

Subject: Re: Participation limit at WSPC @ 2017-03-31 6:04 PM (#22722 - in reply to #22273) (#22722) Top

2021 World Sudoku+Puzzle Convention Organizer

Posts: 1800
Location: India

Poll conclusion

We, the organizers, acknowledge the opinion of the majority here and are officially going ahead with the option of placing limits on participation only if the venue restrictions dictate the necessity of this. Currently, we estimate the hall capacity to be 200 participants, our main hotel accommodation capacity to be 170 attendants, and additional hotels to cover up to 90 more attendants. We will consider whether the numbers are greater than these estimates before imposing any restrictions. Thanks again to everyone who voted.

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