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CTC Comments
Subject: [CTC] Comments on 2013-09-21's Tapa @ 2013-09-24 12:05 AM (#12855 - in reply to #12168) (#12855)Quote Reply Top

Comments on 2013-09-21's Tapa
prasanna16391 commented at 2013-09-21 00:06:28
I think thats the end of any chance I had at 3rd. I just hope I stay in the top 10 :P
macherlakumar commented at 2013-09-21 00:12:36
I am not sure why I read the center as 221 but ended up with a valid solution even for that clue, after penatly found that its 211 and luckliy the fix was small
MellowMelon commented at 2013-09-21 00:39:59
Oh, that 1-4 up top is more constrained than it looked. That explains why I found this one so hard; I went around the middle in the wrong direction...
ksun48 commented at 2013-09-21 04:22:37
Okay, I think this has got to be the hardest puzzle so far.
Grizix commented at 2013-09-21 08:19:14
Wow, really hard, as I went through a lot of trial & error, I would really appreciate a walkthrough for this one.
rajeshk commented at 2013-09-21 08:24:09
I thought that I will not use trail & error in CTC but this puzzle made me to use that.
kiwijam commented at 2013-09-21 17:35:27
Walkthrough start: The cell at the bottom-left corner of the centre 112 cannot be filled, because it cannot escape in any direction. This means the other 3 corners of the 112 are all filled.